Racing is back on!

After a day of more negative tests the BHA has decided to take a calculated risk and to let racing resume on Wednesday.

Things looked bleak after the discovery of four new positives at Simon Crisford’s yard in Newmarket on Sunday night but after a day of negative tests racing is to resume on Wednesday so long as all horses have been vaccinated within the last six months.

The evidence that only 2 out of 174 yards tested found positives and the fact that cases appear to be only mild in horses that have received vaccination boosters in the last six months swayed the BHA Veterinary Committee late last night to make the decision for racing to resume tomorrow.  Donald McCain and Simon Crisford’s yards remain in lockdown but all other yards are free to resume racing as long as the necessary swabs have been taken and come back negative.

However, following this outbreak has been something of a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs so everyone will be hoping that there are no more developments and here at the yard we are taking no chances.