Equine Influenza brings UK racing to a halt

Cases of Equine Influenza in the the racing yards of Donald McCain and Simon Crisford have brought UK racing to a halt.  Here at James Tate Racing we are determined not to catch the virus!

An outbreak of Florida Clade 1 Equine Influenza is proving to be very serious, causing disease in vaccinated animals all over Europe and even killing a non-vaccinated horse in the UK over the weekend.  The virus has now been confirmed in two racing yards, the sport is on hold and everyone is doing everything they can to try and accurately assess the current situation as soon as possible and prevent spread of the disease.

Here at James Tate Racing, we have swabbed all our horses and the Animal Health Trust has confirmed that every single horse is clear from the disease so prevention is now at the forefront of our minds.  Biosecurity has been increased with foot-baths, hand-washing, changing clothes etc. with the farriers and vets also taking the risk of spreading the infection very seriously.